Unikko Jacquard Hand Towel 50x100cm

Unikko Jacquard Hand Towel 50x100cm

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This large cotton hand towel with a jacquard knit has an off white and blue Unikko pattern.
Colour: off-white, blue

Unikko (poppy) was born in 1964 after Armi Ratia, Marimekko's founder, had announced that Marimekko would never print a flower pattern. Maija Isola refused to obey Armi's orders and - in protest - created an entire series of gorgeous floral prints. One of them was Unikko which has become a story of creativity, strength, courage and faith in oneself.

Available sizes: 50x100cm

Length: 100.00 cm

Width: 50.00 cm

Main Material: 100 % Cotton