Macadam Paz - Solid Perfume
Sabé Masson

Macadam Paz - Solid Perfume

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Sabe Masson fragrances are crafted in Grasse - the world's perfume capital. Created by Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud one of the original founders of the global brand Sephora, Sabe Masson is a leader in developing new and beautiful ways to experience perfume.

Soft Perfume is a nourishing solid perfume in stick from with a natural composition and fragrance from the best perfumeries in France. Beautifully packaged, perfect for travel or to throw in your bag, Soft Perfume is ideal for all skin types - even the most sensitive as it has an all natural base with no alcohol or parabens. You will fall in love with the 'caress of Soft Perfume'.

Net weight 5g. Around 300 applications.

Macadam Paz - a smoky woody oriental. Tiara oil base.

Head notes - neroli, bergamont

Heart notes - tuberose, clary sage, nutmeg

Base notes - cedarwood, cistus, vanilla, amber, labdanum, musk