Illumination Mask
Illumination Mask

Illumination Mask

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This multi purpose mask is rich in natural vitamins and minerals to help reset dull and congested skin.

Ideal for all skin types the mask boasts high levels of Vitamin C helping remove toxins and promoting healthy cell turnover. Gentle clay helps draw out impurities, detoxify pores, while exfoliating and removing dead cells.

The Illumination mask's nutrient-rich antioxidants detoxify and brighten skin complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, and improve skin elasticity contributing to a healthy, nourished and hydrated glow.

  • Detoxify + Brighten skin in only 10 minutes*
  • Reduces the size of larger pores
  • Fades hyperpigmentation and promotes health cell turn over
  • Draws out impurities,  while exfoliating and removing dead cells
  • Regulates oil production in the skin
  • Helps control and minimise acne, pimples and breakouts

80ml - 2.7fl