De Guerre Lasse - Solid Perfume
Sabé Masson

De Guerre Lasse - Solid Perfume

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Sabe Masson fragrances are crafted in Grasse - the world's perfume capital. Created by Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud one of the original founders of the global brand Sephora, Sabe Masson is a leader in developing new and beautiful ways to experience perfume.

Soft Perfume is a nourishing solid perfume in stick from with a natural composition and fragrance from the best perfumeries in France. Beautifully packaged, perfect for travel or to throw in your bag, Soft Perfume is ideal for all skin types - even the most sensitive as it has an all natural base with no alcohol or parabens. You will fall in love with the 'caress of Soft Perfume'.

De Guerre Lasse - a noble fruity chypre. Tamanu oil & mango butter base. 

Head notes - mandarin, bergamont, peach

Heart notes - violet leaves, prunus, lavender

Base notes - cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, moss